God Made a Farmer….

Last night was the Super Bowl and today one of the most talked about commercials wasn’t a funny one but the one that Dodge Trucks produced.   http://www.ramtrucks.com/en/keepplowing/?bid=7342700&sid=1068221&pid=93683083&adid=267850749&cid=0&buytype=LF&TR=1&spid=SB_2013&channel=display   Mike pointed out to me that the timing was perfect too.  Late enough in the game that the farmers would actually be able to be inside to see it.  I heard a lot of comments today about people whose grandparents or great grandparents were farmers and how the commercial touched them.  Dodge did what we as agricultrialists attempt to do so frequently….reach those who are one, two or more generations removed from the farm.  The positive image that Dodge portrayed of the American Farmer was not only spot on, but needed in today’s world.  So many individuals believe that most farms are “corporate farms” and not family farms.  Many people believe that farmers are only concerned about the financial side of the farm and not the animal welfare.  Many people believe that farmers are self centered and not concerned about the environment.  In two minutes during the SuperBowl, Dodge truck pointed out that the American Farmer is not what most people think of.  The American Farmer is a man/woman/boy/girl who puts more of themselves into agriculture than they put into their own selves.  Farmers are givers, as a whole.  We give to our families, our friends, our animals, our land, our government, our churches, our communities, our schools.  I’d like to ask you to go and watch the video that’s linked above.  Dodge Trucks is donating cash to help with local hunger and education with the FFA organization up to $1 million dollars.  All you have to do is watch the video. ….  and thank God that He made farmers.

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